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Adnan Abrashi, Foto Adnan Abrashi, Horoskopi
Adnan Abrashi was born on 21.12.1957 in Prizren, Kosova. He finished primary school and high school in Prizreni with excellent success. In the year of 1982 he has graduated from faculty of Low in University of Prishtina. Since then he was devoted to astrology and horoscop..." Adnan Abrashi is one of our staff member at AlbaNur and is devoted to help Albanians to know more about Horoscope and Zodiac signs and their meaning...
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Yearly horoscopes for 2013
Aries yearly horoscope 2013
Dashi Horoskop, Horoscope AriesSince Uranus, the most dynamic planet, moved into your sign (it was in March 2011), your main theme is: change. Sudden and dramatic change is on the first place in your life now. Horoscope for the year 2013 shows exactly the same trend. Uranus will be in this position at least for the next 5 years. During these five years, the life of people born under the sign of Aries will change radically. Nothing will be as it was before... Read more!
Taurus yearly horoscope 2013
Demi Horoskop, Horoscope TaurusThe last year was basically good and successful for people born under the sign of Taurus. The planets had positive influence on your life. In spite of it, in the last year in October, the planet Saturn moved into the Scorpio sign and this had and still has unfavourable influence of the Taurus sign. Horoscope for the year 2013 says that this influence will feel the most by those people who were born between 20. April and 5. May. ... Read more!
Gemini yearly horoscope 2013
Binjaket Horoskop, Horoscope GeminiYou had many years in which you lived through sudden, dramatic, unexpected changes. In one moment your life was in a certain level and suddenly it took a totally different direction. Many of us live through similar things time to time, but people born of Gemini sign had many of these situations continually. In the last two years, the situation probably calmed down a little, since the planet Uranus moved from the negative influence on your sign..... Read more!
Cancer yearly horoscope 2013
Gaforre Horoskop, Horoscope CancerPeople born of Cancer sign had several complicated years. Everything they reached, reached through their own blood and sweat. The life didnŽt give you anything for free. The year 2011 was more complicated than 2012. But we can say that the year 2012 was also a difficult year. This year will be finally easier. YouŽll be picking up the deserved fruits. Although it will seem you that youŽre only lucky, but frankly you get the deserved success, Cancer..... Read more!
Leo yearly horoscope 2013
Luani Horoskop, Horoscope LeoNothing special happened in the lives of people of Leo sign in the last year. The planet Uranus (planet influencing the LeoŽs love life) has been in sign of Aries for the last two years and it creates harmonic aspect with the Sun and also with the planet Jupiter. It means that you have nothing to complain about in your love life. This tendency will continue also in the first half of the year 2013. In June 2012, Jupiter moved into your 11... Read more!
Virgo yearly horoscope 2013
Virgjiresha Horoskop, Horoscope VirgoSimilarly to Gemini sign, the Virgo people also lived through dramatic, unexpected changes in the last 10 years. They had to learn how to accept the uncertainty, instability and to react on situations connected with it. Finally, these changes are quite normal for you and you know how to deal with them..... Read more!
Libra yearly horoscope 2013
Peshorja Horoskop, Horoscope LibraThe last year and the year 2011 were difficult periods for people born of Libra sign. Fortunately, the worst is behind you already. The yearly horoscope shows that you can expect some challenges, but theyŽll be nothing compared with those you had to face in the past. In March 2011, the planet Uranus entered into your 7. house of love and many your relationship went through problems, many of them ended. ... Read more!
Scorpio yearly horoscope 2013
Akrepi Horoskop, Horoscope ScorpioFor people born of Scorpio sign, the last year belonged to love and social enjoyment. The yearly horoscope shows that you have reached basically everything what you could in this sphere and this year, youŽll focus your attention on other spheres of your life. Since your ruling planet Pluto got into the 3. house of communication, the developing of your intellect is on the first place for you and is very important.... Read more!
Sagittarius yearly horoscope 2013
Shigjetari Horoskop, Horoscope SagittariusApproximately after eight years full of stress, the years 2011 and 2012 was like having picnic for Sagittarius people. You didnŽt have to bother yourself with unnecessary problems. But with your experiences, you surely helped those, who are in similar situations in which you were before. ... Read more!
Capricorn yearly horoscope 2013
Dashi Bricjapi, Horoscope CapricornYou lived through two stressful and difficult years, Capricorn. The yearly horoscope for the year 2013 shows changes to better. YouŽll finally feel relief. The majority of problems which you had, had their source in the tense situation in your family. People born under the sign of Capricorn are very family-types and just the smallest problems hurt them much. Many misunderstandings originated from your work success. ... Read more!
Aquarius yearly horoscope 2013
Ujori Horoskop, Horoscope AqvariusThe last year was basically a good year for people born under the sign of Aquarius. We cannot say that it was perfect, but it was surely rather easy than complicated. Both health and energy of Aquarius were good and you reached basically what you wanted. Horoscope for the year 2013 says that you make your communication skills better.... Read more!
Pisces yearly horoscope 2013
Peshqit Horoskop, Horoscope PiscesIn the last years, several very important changes happened in the lives of people born under the sign of Pisces. The yearly horoscope shows that your ruling planet Neptune got into your own sign and it adds to your beauty and self-confidence. The planet Uranus in your house of finances (from 2011) has the result in the form of excellent changes in your finances. ... Read more!
Horoscope - Horoskopi
How is compiled personal horoscope?
Developing personal horoscope is not just a simple routine "accidentally shot of things", as we think. But, it is constructed from a series of operational actions more theoretical detail-traditional rituals, accounting and other principles mathematical feature, by means of which reach the entire information for concrete designated mark. For more click here!

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